Beginner Class // October 2018

Conquer Frankfurt’s Eastern Harbour: CrossFit makes you overall fit and ready for anything.

What’s the Beginner Class?

In small groups, we teach you the basic movements and principles of CrossFit. After five 1-hour-sessions, you’re totally ready to take part in our regular classes. Start with CrossFit Lex and become part of our friendly international Community.


Montag, 15.10. // 18:45-19:45
Donnerstag, 18.10. // 18:45-19:45
Montag, 22.10. // 18:45-19:45
Donnerstag, 25.10. // 18:45-19:45
Montag, 29.10 // 18:45-19:45

Costs: 100,-

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